Guardian by Seeing Machines is a real-time driver fatigue and distraction solution that is scientifically proven to reduce fatigue events by upwards of 90%.

Guardian combines in-cab intervention with 24/7 support and analytics services, providing a complete safety solution for commercial vehicles. Today Guardian has intervened in more than 50,000 fatigue or distraction events, and is used by leading transport and logistics companies across the globe.


Guardian uses proprietary face and eye tracking algorithms to measure a driver’s eye closure and head position (Gaze Tracking) to ensure the driver’s situational awareness is maintained ,or determine whether they are fatigued or distracted whilst operating the vehicle.


Guardian provides immediate in-cab intervention to the driver when fatigue and/or distraction starts to take hold. Audio alarms and seat vibration alerts are activated instantaneously to warn the driver to re-focus their attention to the road.


When Guardian detects an event, a short clip of footage is immediately sent to the 24/7 Guardian Centre to be reviewed by our team of analysts, who will notify the driver’s manager within minutes.Subsequently, fleet managers can respond in real-time to fatigued and distracted driving to help reduce the risk of an accident.


To provide a complete safety service, Guardian live portal provides clients with secure access to all events captured. Clients are able to investigate the time of day fatigue and distraction occurs the most, the location and duration of all incidents, and the speed the driver was travelling.Managers are also able to review detailed footage of each incident to have a clearer understanding of driver behaviour in their fleet.


Seeing Machines offers simple, secure and reliable integration through our message queue service. The message queue allows Seeing Machines to post client’s Guardian events to the cloud, where it is available for your telematics provider or authorised party to retrieve and display in their interface.


Dashboard Live is Telematics Solutions’ data analytics platform. It disseminates the information you receive immediately to help make critical decisions. PowerBI based, and available on mobile device, Clients are kept informed with a rolling 24hrs (updated every 15 mins) of the fleet safety performance.

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